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Food Service

Bushells Teabags 500
Category:   Food Service
Bushells Teabag enveloped 500 to a carton
Twirl Coffee Cups
Category:   Food Service
Twirl Coffe cups available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz. The key properties of the TWIST Coffee Cup range are:Comfortable Grip & Feel, Stylish Design Recyclable Triple Layered Wall providing excellent comfort and heat retention. Sippa lids availabe to suit
Rosche Kitchen Towels
Category:   Food Service
Rosche Zorb Wipes & Kitchen Towels delivers maximum absorbency and outstanding strength, while still offering value for money, creating our kitchen towel from the highest quality paper products.....
Kitchen Tidy Bags
Category:   Food Service
Kitchen Tidy bags White on roll . Availabe in three sizes-36lt,28lt and 18lt  (1000 to a carton)
Garbage Bags Blue 77lt
Category:   Food Service
Garbage bags blue high density all purpose 77 lt 780mm x 950mm 10 x 50 packs
Garbage Bag 82lt H/D
Category:   Food Service
Garbage bag low density heavy duty 82 lt in dispenser pack. 820mm x 960mm 5x50 packs
Black Garbage Bag 240lt
Category:   Food Service
black garbage bags hdpe blend 240lt 1450mmx1150 4 x 50 packs
Garbage Bags 120lt h/d
Category:   Food Service
Black garbage bags ldpe blend 120lt size 1230mm x width 970mm pack 4 x 50
Black Garbage Bags 72lt
Category:   Food Service
Black garbage bags ldpe blend premium 72lt 900mm x 760 packs 5x 50

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