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Vacuum Cleaner Repairs

Having Vacuum Cleaner Problems?

Vacuum Cleaner RepairsDon’t worry we have the solution. No need to throw away your vacuum cleaner just yet! First instinct is to replace the vacuum cleaner as it’s generally too much hassle to get the part required, or it’s outrageously overpriced. More often than not you end up buying a new vacuum cleaner altogether, so here is where we can help you to save your hard-earned cash!
sl-10AVacuum Cleaner needing repairt Torquay Supply our team of expert vacuum cleaner service technicians are capable of repairing your vacuum cleaner in an efficient manner. Our vacuum cleaner repair technicians are the most thorough and prompt operators in the business, offering
first-class service and the fastest turnaround time possible. And yes we service all makes and models !

But why wait for you vacuum cleaner to ‘pack it in’ – why not invest in a regular maintenance service plan. Either way we can help.

Want to know more?  Either pop into the shop or Call us for more information.

Some areas we now service – Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Craignish, Toogoom, Eli Waters

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